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I understand it can be hard to choose which Yoga classes to attend, with so many on offer these days, which is why I have listed a few testimonials below to help give you a better understanding of how my classes have helped others.

"You owe it to yourself to find time in your busy schedule to relax, unwind and stretch your body and mind. Forget stresses of the world we live in and see things more clearly. Leave relaxed and refreshed ready to take on whatever lift throws at us."

"Jilli's enthusiasm and knowledge makes her classes a joy to be a part pressures, no judgements, just a group of people practising yoga...lovely."

"Jilli is an inspiring coach and gives very detailed instruction and feedback which as a beginner is very helpful and encouraging. I recommend you just try one session with Jilli. You will really enjoy the session and amaze yourself with what you can achieve. Jilli makes yoga fun and relaxing. She adapts the session to suit you."

"I have just started yoga and am really enjoying it. Jilly is a very good teacher and is patient and takes time with everyone. She explains everything and what each movement means so you can understand more, for me that is important. I have also learned a bit more about the background of yoga which I find interesting when I am doing a particular movement. I am really pleased that Jilly has started yoga classes in Stone and would recommend it to people to help them in their daily lives with exercise and meditation, I know it has helped me. Thank you, Jilly."

"I'd like to say: Jilli is absolutely wonderful. I can honestly say I've loved every class. Even on days when I don't feel up too much (we all get those days!) I come away feeling a million times better than when I arrived. I'm so glad I didn't ignore the flyer that came through my letterbox! Thank you Jilli."

"I love going to Yoga sessions with Jilli. It's a great way to keep fit, stretch out my muscles and release tension. I leave feeling fresh and relaxed."

"Since I started yoga I feel a lot less stressed about things, I really look forward to coming to class and love the vinyasa flow, I always sleep well after a yoga class! Thanks for being a fantastic teacher!"

"Having taken up various aerobic activities I found that I was fitter than I ever had been before and had oodles of stamina. However, I also found that my muscles were tightened and my flexibility was disappearing. Jilli suggested yoga as a solution and since practicing regularly I have found my flexibility returning but as an added bonus I find it much easier to find clarity and presence in general life using the breathing and meditation techniques I have learnt with Jilli! To sum it up in a sentence - my heaviness has lifted!"

"Having tried several Yoga classes I find I very much enjoy Jilli's classes and happily travel further to attend them, often more than once a week! Classes are energizing yet relaxing and inspirational. Yoga has helped strengthen me physically, emotionally and spiritually and I have gained improved flexibility. Jilli's classes set up for the day or settle down for a good night and improve sleep! They encompass the physical and spiritual art of yoga beautifully. The different styles of classes (Vinyasa flow, Yin and Nidra) are a true pleasure to participate in and there is something for all ages, abilities. Jilli is attentive and will readily offer modifications to challenge yet suit individuals within their capabilities as required. Jilli has taught me much and her classes have enriched my life, let me take time out for me, enjoy a slower pace and time to be in the present and brought an inner peace, balance and calm with the business and stresses of what is everyday life. Much deep gratitude, THANK YOU for this journey!! I highly recommend Jilli's relaxed, enjoyable and fun classes. Come along and reap the rewards of Yoga from the Heart with Jilli, a truly lovely warm and heartfelt engaging teacher."

"From the moment I walked into my first ever yoga class, I felt at ease and very welcome. I really look forward to my yoga hour and Come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I am looking forward to getting more flexible too! Jilli is a lovely teacher and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone in the class is ok."

"As soon as I walked into the yoga session with Jilli I felt at ease. The classes can be taken at your own pace and are perfect for any age. Jilli is an excellent teacher and I am so glad that I went along that first evening and really miss the evenings that I am unable to attend."