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I encourage you to explore into your own mind, body and heart and discover these through sensing your physical being and allowing yourself to find equanimity throughout your practice. Classes are run such that you can work with your body, its strengths and constraints. There is no criteria for attendance just a willingness to explore the body and movement with an open mind and a desire to build wellness.

About The Classes

Every class will offer the opportunity to set aside day to day trials and tribulations and to develop yourself both on and off the mat. Each class has a theme or story that will allow you the opportunity, if you wish, to explore what this means for you in your life. The class ends with a short relaxation allowing your body, mind and heart to absorb all the goodness that has been created during the class such that you leave feeling energised, yet relaxed and at peace.

You are asked to alert me, to any concerns, injuries both acute and long-standing, and what actions you find helpful or those that cause you discomfort or pain. You are the expert on your body and I will work with you to ensure that the class meets your needs. You will be encouraged to move with your breath, feeling the sensations in your body and responding to those messages with either challenge or kindness and compassion, depending on how you are thinking and feeling in the present moment.

Unless stated, classes are held at the Jubilee Pavilion in the heart of Stone village, Buckinghamshire, it can be found within Stone recreation ground (HP17 8RE). Contact me to book your place or ask questions about the classes.

Yoga Styles

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the different styles, some information for you:

Hatha Flow
Hatha Flow is a combination of movement with breath. We change poses in a smooth and rhythmical manner, focus is not about obtaining the perfect posture but about how well the movement and breath are synchronised.

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centres of the body to release blockages and increase your energy flow. Focusing on static movement, and meditation to create a profoundly deep and rewarding practice. In Yin Yoga you are encouraged to NOT use your muscles and passive poses with props are used.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra means Yoga sleep. It is a form of meditative self-inquiry which offers complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

One To One Yoga Sessions

I offer one-to-one personal yoga and small group sessions in your home or mine. These sessions offer the opportunity to explore in depth your personal practice and to tailor the sessions to your own personal goals, be that, physical exercise, increased flexibility and/or strength, increased confidence, increased feelings of relaxation and inner calm.


Classes can be booked and paid for in advance, a 6 class pass lasts 8 weeks, as follows:

Thursday 6 class pass is £54 with a drop-in rate of £12.00

Friday 6 class pass is £36 with a drop-in rate of £8.50

How To Pay

You can pay by cash, cheque or in advance by bank transfer. For bank transfers please contact me for details.

Cancellation Policy

Term Fees
I am unable to offer partial refunds on term fees should you decide you no longer wish to attend my classes. Exceptions may be made if someone else will take your space for the remainder of the term.

One to One Yoga Classes
48 hours’ notice of cancellation must be given to receive a full refund or to arrange a new date.

    No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 2 weeks of the start date of the retreat or failure to attend. Cancellations between 2-4 weeks of the start of the retreat will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations greater than 4 weeks before the start date will be given a full refund less £20 non-refundable administration fee.

If for reasons beyond my control I need to cancel a booking, I will attempt to arrange an alternative date. If this is not possible or unacceptable to the student, then I will make a refund of all monies paid.  My liability does not extend beyond this refund.

If you have any further questions about pricing and/or cancellation, then please email me -